Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sometimes with the change of season comes a change in your life, a new direction, a new road in which to be traveled.  It's scary when you don't have a map for your life, You don't know where to have to have faith and believe that through the travel you will arrive at your destiny.  Taking life day by day seems to be easier than trying to decide future situations or outcomes.  I now understand that quote..."take it day by day"  Life can be so wonderful, so satisfying and yet just when you think it's almost perfect you arrive at a dead end.  What do you do?  Do you make a u-turn and go back to where you came?...but then it seems you'll arrive at that dead end again.  Maybe its up to us to clear a new path in that road block.  It will take hard work, sweat and tears but how amazing will it feel when it's all done and said.  You'll look back and feel a sense of accomplishment at the new life you've personally decided to create.  Hopefully this direction will include the ones you love because with their help, your whole precious family will be wiser, stronger and closer than one can imagine.  I believe in the good and that everything happens for a reason.

The Beginning.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I love the smell, the feel of cotton...kidding, I mean of Fall! There's something genuine and special when the leaves began to turn that bright yellow as bright as the sky or that amazing deep and warm red, together it's the perfect picture, the perfect astmoshere for being in love.  Nothen' like snuggling up with your honey on the couch, sharing the blanket his grandma made for the family.  Oh, the family...It's an amazing time to teach and explore the world.  So many changes happening everywhere you look.  The way the water falls out of the sky or how the leaves dance in the trees when the wind blows just right.   Collecting a basket of pretty apples from that one tree that never lets you down.  One of my favorites is filling the home with the comforting aroma of homemade apple pie.  Fall is the time of year to be Thankful, maybe that's why we have Thanksgiving in November :) or to "Fall" in love under an umbrella while dancing in the rain.   


Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's up to us...

We have absolute control over our lives.  It's up to us to create our surroundings, I've done this and now I'm living my dream.  "See it, Believe it, Achieve it"...The more you think about something the more likely you'll manifest it's existance.  So, I say...think good, happy thoughts, push negative, crazy thoughts out of your mind.  Personally, I think trying to re~train your brain is truly one of the most difficult tasks you could take on.  It also has the most reward.  This is something that I have to work on daily and I hope someday I'll be Pro!! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Awe, toddlers!  They are so full of energy, you don't need to hound them to get off of the couch and put their texting device down, they keep you running around, getting up and down, pulling your hair out and constantly need for a gym membership.  The way we're always cleaning up after them, mopping up spills, sweeping up the cheerio's and putting toys away sure saves money on a house cleaner.  You can say anything to these sweet little toddlers and they just listen, they don't judge, criticize or give you their opinion, sure beats a therapist.  You don't have to spend countless dollars or hours in college to be an instructor of sorts, you're forever teaching these little youngsters the abc's, 123's and life lessons.  When you're in need of affection you can always count on the little ones to be there for you with a great big hug and sloppy wet kiss.  When they pick you that very first flower from the yard and look up at you with those shinning eyes, so full of love.  These are things I must remember when my toddler is whinning and refusing to eat dinner while throwing her spahgetti on the just mopped kitchen floor!  xo 

Monday, September 5, 2011

A new life and a new business venture!

It seems as though the hubby and I have found home!  We've been here in Idaho for almost a month and it feels so good.  The people, the vibe and the energy are all positive.  We've been doing lot's of work around the home and ranch.  Our next step in making our house a home is to have the inside painting finished and the flooring done.  This is a really happy and exciting time for our family.  Everything truly does seem to be falling into place. 

 John and I have always hoped to someday work together and build a business.  We finally have that opportunity.  We met a wonderful man that has a passion for authentic sourdough cultures.  Ed Wood and his late wife, Jean Wood founded Sourdoughs International in 1985 when they returned from Saudi Arabia with 10 cultures that were collected in the Middle East. They have since published (Classic Sourdoughs) and have revised it a few times as the company grew.  These cultures never use commercial yeast which  makes for a very authentic taste.  After meeting with Ed Wood and Sourdoughs International's board we will now be handling the operations of the business and are excited to watch it grow!  It's perfect for us as we raise a family since a lot of the business is ran from our home office.  Come on over for a visit

I'll be posting more often now that we're finally getting settled!  I'll post some new pics of Johnna!  She's getting so big and is such a cutie pie!  Boy, I tell ya...she's a handful...into everything!  Those little fingers want to touch everything and I'm learning to relax to keeping the house clean because it's almost impossible right now.  If you turn around for a minute there's a new mess she's made, ha!  Gotta' love it!

Hugs to all!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A fresh start...

We're on our way!  The hubby and I have recieved a wonderful life changing gift, we've been lovingly given a beautiful home on 40 acres of property.  The home is in Idaho and we're moving there in 2 weeks.  I thought this type of thing only happend to "other people!"  John and I have long dreamed of starting our own business of sorts and have tossed around many ideas.  We are currently exploring ways to utilize our new property to make a nice living and all the while work for ourselves.  This is a very exciting time for us with lot's of changes.  We can't wait to make our new house our home.  John's from Idaho and has many friends and family there, including his parents.  We'll keep you posted on this new venture as we go.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update on JJ...

It's been a few weeks since I've even looked at this little blog o' min, it seems as though I've come to miss it.  Having a 1 year old will slow you down in your hobbies but sure does speed up that heart to full pumpen'.  I wanted to take a quick moment to blog a bit about her new discoveries.  I have to add that unfortunately there's no pictures to post (at this moment) because my camera is out of commision, temporarily :(

Let's see...she took her first steps 3 days before her birthday and on her celebration day she was full speed ahead, as of now she's a certified walker!  How adorable it is to see this mini person just walking around the house.  John and I bought her first walking shoes over the weekend, that was really exciting for me...maybe because I love to shop for little girls and this was a taste of what's coming...awe, her shoes are the cutest little things, pink with flowers!  She'll point to what she wants and grunt, we get it for her and she always say's, thank you...doesn't sound like we say it but it's the same everytime.  She also learned how to hug!!  She'll pick up her soft babies or animals, pull them close and squeeze, as she tilts her head.  Oh and she is FULL on a dadda's girl...It's all about "dadda", dadda and on and cute, she follows him everywhere, tugs at his legs and always has something new to show him...melts my heart.  Now, the whole sleep thing...hhhmmm!!  Now, that's where the "parenting pains" comes in.  I remember when she hit 3 months, she was sleeping through the night for a few months (I think)  well, she does this crying thing in the middle of the night, sometimes twice then she falls back asleep BUT it's long enough for us to wake up, get a bottle and come back to the room...nope, she's sleeping again, so now we wait for her to really let us know if she wants a bottle.  I tell ya, you sure do dream of sleeping and oh how I looove the weekend, Saturday is always MY day to sleep in and have coffee and computer in bed!  Yeah!  That's going to do it for now, soon I'll start my normal blogging duties.  Right now I have a lot of work around this house that will take another month or two.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Break time...

This is a little note to let me 13 followers :) know that I will be on hiatus for a short period of time.
My life became extremely busy, extremly fast.  We're finishing up the add on to the home, baby girls birthday's is in a week and I'm in the middle of decluttering my, it's amazing how much stuff a family accumulates over the years.  We're either going to have a HUGE sale or donate, donating is great but so is a few extra dollars.  I'll keep you posted after Johnna's 1st birthday and I'll share how the 2 bedrooms turn out...getting close!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

BlOgGiNg RoCkS!


1. A web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.
–verb (used without object)
2. To maintain or add new entries to a blog.
blogger, noun

The word blog and or blogging is a little funny to me.  It sounds kind of corny even but I sure do love it.  It takes me to a place of peace, a place where I can be still with my own thoughts.  I often "blog" in the evening or when the baby is napping, so that there are no interruptions, no questions, demands, debates, I don't have to say, "please, hold on and let me finish this or that"...I can just complete my thought process when my dear little family is tucked tightly in their beds like little burritos.  That is when it's officially my's quite time.  For me, being still and free to think and write is more important than getting out of the house.  I'm pretty content staying busy at home but if it's been awhile since I've been able to sit and be still, we gotta' problem.  There's something deep and special to me about the writing process.  You don't have to have excellent grammar, a large vocabulary or even perfect spelling to blog/write.  I'll compare it to singing...we all love to sing, we all may not be great at it but that doesn't stop us from belting out a classic when we're alone in the car or my favorite while taking a shower.  It feels great, wakes up your soul and puts you in a great mood. You just have to allow your mind to gently take over your fingers, so that when you type it's more like a spiritual awakening, even you may be surprised at what you end up translating into words.  What's the word I'm looking for?  Oh, subconscious, I've had some of my best writing happen when I'm not thinking desperately hard for the right thing to say, it's as if it happens on a subconscious level.  Writing is not only cathartic and allows us to let go of any and sometimes all negative build up by venting those particular feelings onto paper or in this case a blog (which is an online journal)  Writing allows us to take the time to formulate the perfect sentence.  Writing is very patient, it doesn't rush you.  It really doesn't care if you put it on hold or save it to draft mode for a day or two, your words are always going to be there waiting ever so patiently for you to build them into something that may touch others.  Words are incredible powerful, I think the written word is even more powerful than the verbal word.  Let's think about this...Have you ever read a book then saw the movie...which medium evoked more emotion out of you...I'm guessing the book and the words that have been so careful planted in a way that pulls at your heart strings or has the ability to draw you out of a bad mood, make you cry or even have you empathise with a person or situation that you normally may not think twice about.  Here's another example...You know when the person you love gives you a special card and inside they write those 3 little words, "I love you" don't we feel like they mean just a bit more than their daily spoken I love you.  What is that?  It could be because there was thought behind it and we all want to be thought of in a loving and caring way.  Oh, the power of these sweet little letters when compiled together to create an experience, a mood, to take you to another place for a few moments...that is what attracts me to writing.  I've read several amazing books that have inspired me, motivated me and even helped me to understand others better.  When someone verbally tells you a story, we tend to study the persons movement, the way their mouth is moving or we daydream about our to do list.  When I'm writing I feel as though anything is possible.  I enter a state of new beginnings because each story or blog is created as a unique entry and I often don't know where I will travel during the writing process.  So be free my friends and write your little hearts out :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The 20 minute Apron~

New fun project in my craft section, take a visit and learn how to make this adorable skirt apron in just 20 minutes while the little one's sleep!

There's no double folds, pressing of the hem line or any other time consuming tasks when sewing.

~I hope you like it~

Memorial day fills my heart with appreciation~

Today was Memorial Day, well it was a few minutes ago.  This is the first opportunity I've had to sit down with the computer today, so here I am...

I feel so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful group of people, my whole family.  I'm just feeling very thankful for all of them.  Our parent's, my brother, our sister's and all of my nephew's and my precious little niece and of course my dear husband and beautiful children.  There's nothing more important than family in this life.  Today, I thought a lot about my son who's stationed in N. Carolina with the Marine's and how thankful I am that he's safe, healthy and has a warm bed to crawl into.

I love you Robert & thank you for helping to protect our country.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I woke up, poured my coffee, sat cozy on the bed, flipped open the lap~top AND surprise...I won an award!  I think this maybe the first award that I have ever won!  Needless to say, I'm very happy.  It seems as though people are actually reading this blog o' mine.  Now, the pressure's on ;)

Awe, here's my pretty little award.

Thank you very much for thinking of me and including me  in the top 15! 
Two things to getting this award include sharing 7 things about me and picking 15 other versatile bloggers.

Here's my list...
1.) If someone hits one arm I have to hit the other arm (it's a wierd balance thing)
2.) I eat red pepper flakes on almost everything
3.) It takes me like 5 minutes to get my pillows and blankets just right and comfortable before falling asleep (my poor husband)
4.) I break glass cups like they're disposable
5.) Content with staying within these 4 walls w/ my family (I do enjoy the occasional "girls day")
6.) I love the smell of paper
7.) my brain often thinks faster than I can speak and a I end up making no sense at all

Here are my favorite 15 blogs I've recently come across~

Please take your award and EnJoY!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Top 10 Things I Can Do With 1 Hand...

And a baby on the hip!

(sweeping is just a bonus:)

1.) dishes
2.) eat
3.) bills
4.) clean house
5.) water the lawn
6.) make dinner
7.) put on make~up (when leaving the house)
8.) laundry
9.) check email
10.) feed the dogs

 Of course, I don't have to do this daily but it sure has been known to happen on occasion.

Thanks to my amazing baby girl :)

What are some things you can do with a baby on your hip?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

growing a pile of clothes~

To my neverending pile of laundry,

My how you grow.  It seems you get bigger and bigger everyday.  You must work and play very hard as I'm always scrubbing your stains off of you and washing you clean.  When do you ever get any rest?  I fold you neatly and tuck you away ever so cozy and snug in your drawers and you pop right back up into my basket!  Oh, pile of laundry how I look  forward to our time together, our daily workouts are really keeping me in shape. 

I remember when you were just a cute little thing.  You consisted only of a few pairs of socks, some shorts, shirts and a couple of towels.  You've certainly multiplied over these years into a large heaping stack of clothes. 

I really must thank you, because of you I am reminded how big and active my family is.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is it tomorrow yet?

My dear husband told me "he loves my blog but it's a bit fluffy" and kindly suggested that I have a place called (the honest truth) where I could write about the things that "aren't so fluffy."  Well, I can fix that... 

Sometimes I feel like the day will never end, I wake up (early) change baby's diaper, feed her a bottle, change her clothes, let the dogs out, take a shower, while baby sits in her chair next to me crying as I rinse out the conditioner, take crying baby out of chair, feed her big girl food, go for a walk, clean the house, eat lunch, baby's fussing so we go for another walk, come inside (out of breath) talk to husband on the phone, he doesn't want to be at work, talks about bills that need to be paid, he's in a mood, so we get of the phone, nap time (yay!) baby falls asleep finally after 20 minutes of bouncing and trying different things to get her to sleep, great, she's a sleep, I go potty, straighten up the house, sweep the cheerio's off of the floor and sit down, awe...this is nice, I grab my computer and take a deep breath, what's that? No, it's not the baby it must be the cat, nope, definitely not the cat, I love when she takes a 30 minute nap and so we do it all over again.  I can't wait for the husband to come home, I need a break.  Husband comes home (barely) he tells me the truck needs to go in the shop in the morning...nice!  He then proceeds to go outside with his tools to work on the truck, no break for mom today.  All the while he asks me "what's wrong?" "are you ok?"  "Ya, I'm fine, I'm just breathing."  So, for the rest of the evening we barely talk, everything he says irritates me and obviously I can do no good at this moment.  We finally crawl into bed, awe, I've been looking forward to this all day!  I lay there still for a few glorious's wakes up crying! 
 He started it

BaBy LoVe~

Her bright smile, her button nose, those shiny wet lips, her fingers caressing my face as I feed her, her beautiful green eyes looking up at me, the way she scoots on her bottom, the joy she brings to our home, her open mouth kisses, her long piano playing fingers, the way she loves to play in her bath, how excited she gets when she sees her sissy's, as she kicks her legs and waves her arms when dadda comes home, how she can dump out a bag of cereal in 30 seconds flat, when she pushes her food off of her highchair when she's full, the way she loves me, the love she has for our daily walks, the joy she has for pretty yellow flowers, when she takes 2 hour naps, the games we play together, when she shares her toys with me, I love when she puts her toys or food on her head, the moments when she buries her precious little head in my chest, the way I can soothe her, the awe and wonder for the world around her, when she points at pictures of mommy and daddy, when she falls a sleep in her jumper...These are some of the things that bring a smile to my face, thanks to my new daughter.

We love you Johnna B.

in under a minute~

When you become a mom you learn to move real fast.  Here are some things I can do in under a  minute while my coffee heats up in the microwave.

*put baby's diaper in trash
*put baby's dirty clothes in hamper
*go potty (remember I have children)
*wipe off the counters
**ding,'s done**

This is what hubby can do in under a minute while his coffee heats up in the microwave

*watch coffee heat up in said microwave.
**ding,'s done**

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Joy Of Thrift Store Shopping~

Tap...tap...honey slowly opens the door, I heard rumbling in here...I knew you were a wake, he says.  Good morning babe...yes...I'm waking up...thank you for letting me sleep in (I love these mornings), oh is that hot cup of coffee for me, I ask?  Mmmm...thank you!  Yes babe, I'd love to have a girls day today & go browsing the thrift shops!  Off I go with my sidekick (my oldest daughter) I don't dare leave her behind on these ventures...I've officially got her hooked on the joy of thrift store shopping.  We stop at our favorite coffee shop and pick up our concoction of 1/2 coffee 1/4 mocha & 1/4 hot really must try this...Delicious!  (yes, that's 2 cups so far) I feel a tinge of excitement as we enter the shop, the smell, the variety, the treasures ahead.  Off we go, Rach goes her way and I go mine.  The beautiful home decor I've found on these days, is extremely fulfilling, I love going to a store and knowing that not everyone else is purchasing the same thing for the "season."  Now, don't get me wrong, I like most woman,  love a new designer bag BUT when you can purchase an authentic, Coach bag for $12...well.............Oh, here comes Rach anxiously looking for me..."Hey mom, look what I found"..."no way", I say.  She's holding a handful of clothes, all name brand...oh, I love those Roxy shorts, they'll look so cute on you and they're only $3...bargain!  We gather up our treasure's for the day and head back home.  We sit silent for a moment, then eagerly start rummaging through the bags...I love this, oooh that's so cute!  Ya, I like that too and on and on and on!  Before we pull in the driveway, I hear, "thanks mom, that was fun"..."I had a great time too," I say.  With that being said, I look at shopping for school clothes in an entirely different light.

**Just a subtle hint for the husband**

bag $12

Leather boots $8 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

bed~time or blog~time?

The house is still, lights on dim, the baby is snuggled tightly, sleeping in her crib and hubby is keeping the bed nice and warm for me.  As I sit on the comfy couch with my soft (favorite) blanket and computer on my lap, I'm trying to decide...should I go cuddle with my man and get some much needed sleep or sit and be still in the silent?  Well, I am pretty tired but I'm always tired.  I have been wanting to start blogging as I'm getting close to putting the finishing touches on the layout...hmmm.  Fingers softly bouncing off the keybored, lips twisted, this really should be easy to decide.  It seems as though my eyes have made the decision for me since they won't stay open.