Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love & Let Live ;)

Believe only what you know is truth.

Love with all of your heart, mind body and soul.

Do not judge other's or speak negatively about other people.

Practice random acts of kindness.


Let go of past hurts.

Appreciate the smallest of beauty and wonders.

Make a child smile.

Forward motion, head up, create your own future with the power of positive thinking.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Sleep Tight Drive

This event is running pretty darn smooth.  I'm totally impressed and absolutely touched by the generosity of so many people.  It truly melts my heart!  I'm aquiring quite the pile of pajamas, books and bears for children in need.  I can't wait to be there when they recieve these little packages, "just because" everyone deserves a little something out of the blue.  I'll wrap them up with little bows, mark with sizes and gender and off they go.  I received a phone call from a woman at the Health & Human Services of Idaho.  She was calling to ask  me several questions about this donation program...basically wanted to make sure I was on the up and up and not collecting items to sell ect.  The conversation went good.  I've decided to also give some bears to the the Sherriff's office, so they can give to the little children who may be caught in the middle of scary situations and domestic upsets.  Oh, I contacted one of our largest radio stations here in Idaho, 104.3 to ask if they will announce the drive on the radio.  I spoke with the morning DJ, Alana and she's going to post the flyer on their website and call me for an interview.  That really should help get the word out because if this PJ drive is a success it would be nice to make it an annuall event.  This whole thing is so out of my comfort zone and new to me.  It's exciting and I'm meeting a lot of wonderfully kind people and learning so much about so much ;)