Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's up to us...

We have absolute control over our lives.  It's up to us to create our surroundings, I've done this and now I'm living my dream.  "See it, Believe it, Achieve it"...The more you think about something the more likely you'll manifest it's existance.  So, I say...think good, happy thoughts, push negative, crazy thoughts out of your mind.  Personally, I think trying to re~train your brain is truly one of the most difficult tasks you could take on.  It also has the most reward.  This is something that I have to work on daily and I hope someday I'll be Pro!! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Awe, toddlers!  They are so full of energy, you don't need to hound them to get off of the couch and put their texting device down, they keep you running around, getting up and down, pulling your hair out and constantly need for a gym membership.  The way we're always cleaning up after them, mopping up spills, sweeping up the cheerio's and putting toys away sure saves money on a house cleaner.  You can say anything to these sweet little toddlers and they just listen, they don't judge, criticize or give you their opinion, sure beats a therapist.  You don't have to spend countless dollars or hours in college to be an instructor of sorts, you're forever teaching these little youngsters the abc's, 123's and life lessons.  When you're in need of affection you can always count on the little ones to be there for you with a great big hug and sloppy wet kiss.  When they pick you that very first flower from the yard and look up at you with those shinning eyes, so full of love.  These are things I must remember when my toddler is whinning and refusing to eat dinner while throwing her spahgetti on the just mopped kitchen floor!  xo 

Monday, September 5, 2011

A new life and a new business venture!

It seems as though the hubby and I have found home!  We've been here in Idaho for almost a month and it feels so good.  The people, the vibe and the energy are all positive.  We've been doing lot's of work around the home and ranch.  Our next step in making our house a home is to have the inside painting finished and the flooring done.  This is a really happy and exciting time for our family.  Everything truly does seem to be falling into place. 

 John and I have always hoped to someday work together and build a business.  We finally have that opportunity.  We met a wonderful man that has a passion for authentic sourdough cultures.  Ed Wood and his late wife, Jean Wood founded Sourdoughs International in 1985 when they returned from Saudi Arabia with 10 cultures that were collected in the Middle East. They have since published (Classic Sourdoughs) and have revised it a few times as the company grew.  These cultures never use commercial yeast which  makes for a very authentic taste.  After meeting with Ed Wood and Sourdoughs International's board we will now be handling the operations of the business and are excited to watch it grow!  It's perfect for us as we raise a family since a lot of the business is ran from our home office.  Come on over for a visit

I'll be posting more often now that we're finally getting settled!  I'll post some new pics of Johnna!  She's getting so big and is such a cutie pie!  Boy, I tell ya...she's a handful...into everything!  Those little fingers want to touch everything and I'm learning to relax to keeping the house clean because it's almost impossible right now.  If you turn around for a minute there's a new mess she's made, ha!  Gotta' love it!

Hugs to all!