Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is it tomorrow yet?

My dear husband told me "he loves my blog but it's a bit fluffy" and kindly suggested that I have a place called (the honest truth) where I could write about the things that "aren't so fluffy."  Well, I can fix that... 

Sometimes I feel like the day will never end, I wake up (early) change baby's diaper, feed her a bottle, change her clothes, let the dogs out, take a shower, while baby sits in her chair next to me crying as I rinse out the conditioner, take crying baby out of chair, feed her big girl food, go for a walk, clean the house, eat lunch, baby's fussing so we go for another walk, come inside (out of breath) talk to husband on the phone, he doesn't want to be at work, talks about bills that need to be paid, he's in a mood, so we get of the phone, nap time (yay!) baby falls asleep finally after 20 minutes of bouncing and trying different things to get her to sleep, great, she's a sleep, I go potty, straighten up the house, sweep the cheerio's off of the floor and sit down, awe...this is nice, I grab my computer and take a deep breath, what's that? No, it's not the baby it must be the cat, nope, definitely not the cat, I love when she takes a 30 minute nap and so we do it all over again.  I can't wait for the husband to come home, I need a break.  Husband comes home (barely) he tells me the truck needs to go in the shop in the morning...nice!  He then proceeds to go outside with his tools to work on the truck, no break for mom today.  All the while he asks me "what's wrong?" "are you ok?"  "Ya, I'm fine, I'm just breathing."  So, for the rest of the evening we barely talk, everything he says irritates me and obviously I can do no good at this moment.  We finally crawl into bed, awe, I've been looking forward to this all day!  I lay there still for a few glorious's wakes up crying! 
 He started it


  1. Yeah, I see no fluff there! hahah.. Tis' the life girlfriend!

  2. Well, you definately eliminated the fluff, LOL! I love your blogs, Sarah's too - makes me feel like I'm there with you two!

  3. huh? I'm sure you can totally relate!!