Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Sleep Tight Drive for Foster Children

I've always had a feeling of wanting to reach out to people, volunteering or helping other's in need and the older I get I'm realizing that if I don't do something now instead of only "thinking about it" it will most likely never happen.  Sooo, here goes...

I recently learned of a Foster home in my neighboring town of McCall, Idaho.  It broke my heart, I suppose it touched me  more than normal because of my own baby girl.  We have an amazing and precious two year old.  It got me thinken' what's something that I can do to help make these little ones feel better about themselves and realize that they are thought of.  I decided being a Foster Parent is way out of the question, for now at least.  Then I was remembering back when my older children were young...I would always lay their pajamas out on the bed with a bedtime book for when they were done with their bath.  I believe it adds a feeling of comfort and stability.  After only a little research I've come to learn that PJ Drives are a BIG thing!!  Sooo, here goes...I'm in the process of putting together just that and I've named it the, The Sleep Tight Drive.  I've enclosed the flyer.  If anyone on-line happens to read this :) and are interested in donating, you're welcome to send your kind donations to-The Sleep Tight Drive, P.O. Box 1005, Cascade, Idaho 83611. 

****Please Note, for some reason blogger is not formatting my flyer correctly but I'm sure you get the jist****

Together we can make a child smile!

The Sleep Tight Drive
For Foster Children
August 01, 2012~August 31, 201

The  Sleep Tight Drive is a 501(C) (3) not~for profit foundation.  The mission of this drive is to provide gently used or new pajamas, books & bears to Foster Children who do not have a loved one to tuck them in at night and say, “I love you.” Pajamas & bears can be a sense of security and warmth, together we can help these underprivileged & neglected children experience a sense of home.

Donations Accepted:
*Gently used or new pajamas (Newborn to seventeen)
*Children & Teen books
*Gently loved or new bears/stuffed animals

Drop~boxes will be located at:
*Tea Leaves “N” Coffee Beans ~
121 South Main Street
, Cascade
*Endless Wave Hair Salon~109 North Main, Cascade
*Paul’s Market~
132 Lake Street
, McCall
*Ridley’s Market~
411 Deinhard Lane
, McCall

You are appreciated

If you have any questions regarding this event you may contact Amber at amberlievanburen@yahoo.com