Friday, May 20, 2011

The Joy Of Thrift Store Shopping~

Tap...tap...honey slowly opens the door, I heard rumbling in here...I knew you were a wake, he says.  Good morning babe...yes...I'm waking up...thank you for letting me sleep in (I love these mornings), oh is that hot cup of coffee for me, I ask?  Mmmm...thank you!  Yes babe, I'd love to have a girls day today & go browsing the thrift shops!  Off I go with my sidekick (my oldest daughter) I don't dare leave her behind on these ventures...I've officially got her hooked on the joy of thrift store shopping.  We stop at our favorite coffee shop and pick up our concoction of 1/2 coffee 1/4 mocha & 1/4 hot really must try this...Delicious!  (yes, that's 2 cups so far) I feel a tinge of excitement as we enter the shop, the smell, the variety, the treasures ahead.  Off we go, Rach goes her way and I go mine.  The beautiful home decor I've found on these days, is extremely fulfilling, I love going to a store and knowing that not everyone else is purchasing the same thing for the "season."  Now, don't get me wrong, I like most woman,  love a new designer bag BUT when you can purchase an authentic, Coach bag for $12...well.............Oh, here comes Rach anxiously looking for me..."Hey mom, look what I found"..."no way", I say.  She's holding a handful of clothes, all name brand...oh, I love those Roxy shorts, they'll look so cute on you and they're only $3...bargain!  We gather up our treasure's for the day and head back home.  We sit silent for a moment, then eagerly start rummaging through the bags...I love this, oooh that's so cute!  Ya, I like that too and on and on and on!  Before we pull in the driveway, I hear, "thanks mom, that was fun"..."I had a great time too," I say.  With that being said, I look at shopping for school clothes in an entirely different light.

**Just a subtle hint for the husband**

bag $12

Leather boots $8 

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