Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update on JJ...

It's been a few weeks since I've even looked at this little blog o' min, it seems as though I've come to miss it.  Having a 1 year old will slow you down in your hobbies but sure does speed up that heart to full pumpen'.  I wanted to take a quick moment to blog a bit about her new discoveries.  I have to add that unfortunately there's no pictures to post (at this moment) because my camera is out of commision, temporarily :(

Let's see...she took her first steps 3 days before her birthday and on her celebration day she was full speed ahead, as of now she's a certified walker!  How adorable it is to see this mini person just walking around the house.  John and I bought her first walking shoes over the weekend, that was really exciting for me...maybe because I love to shop for little girls and this was a taste of what's coming...awe, her shoes are the cutest little things, pink with flowers!  She'll point to what she wants and grunt, we get it for her and she always say's, thank you...doesn't sound like we say it but it's the same everytime.  She also learned how to hug!!  She'll pick up her soft babies or animals, pull them close and squeeze, as she tilts her head.  Oh and she is FULL on a dadda's girl...It's all about "dadda", dadda and on and cute, she follows him everywhere, tugs at his legs and always has something new to show him...melts my heart.  Now, the whole sleep thing...hhhmmm!!  Now, that's where the "parenting pains" comes in.  I remember when she hit 3 months, she was sleeping through the night for a few months (I think)  well, she does this crying thing in the middle of the night, sometimes twice then she falls back asleep BUT it's long enough for us to wake up, get a bottle and come back to the room...nope, she's sleeping again, so now we wait for her to really let us know if she wants a bottle.  I tell ya, you sure do dream of sleeping and oh how I looove the weekend, Saturday is always MY day to sleep in and have coffee and computer in bed!  Yeah!  That's going to do it for now, soon I'll start my normal blogging duties.  Right now I have a lot of work around this house that will take another month or two.

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