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This sign couldn't have said it better.

The Family~

My baby boy

Can't wait for you to come home

JJ & Daddy, when she's excited or proud of herself she sticks her tongue out

The Broham, Sis & me (love you guys)


Mom & Rach (Prom night)
I heart my girls 

The very first time big sissy fed baby girl a bottle
I sense a bit of apprehension
Baby & I often play a game & put toys on our head
I was making dinner & turned around & there she
was with a tortilla on her head like that's the
normal thing to do!
too cute!

Auntie & Uncle kissen' on JJ
*Idaho 2011*

Here was my very first batch
of homemade cinnamon rolls...

Grandma & Grandpa Gonzales

Johnna sitting on her rock bench


Way cool John John Jr!

Our naked lil' booty, so awesome...there's a beach a couple of miles from the house!!  Whoo~Hoo!

Rach & Bubba :)

 Beauty Queen

Me & the Toad...cheezen'...I mean really with that smile, ha!

Rach and her new truck, 1st truck might I add...Yeah...yeah, I own her! I haven't touched the dishes since!!  "yeah right!"

Here's Johnna B. pulling weeds! 

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