Sunday, May 22, 2011

BaBy LoVe~

Her bright smile, her button nose, those shiny wet lips, her fingers caressing my face as I feed her, her beautiful green eyes looking up at me, the way she scoots on her bottom, the joy she brings to our home, her open mouth kisses, her long piano playing fingers, the way she loves to play in her bath, how excited she gets when she sees her sissy's, as she kicks her legs and waves her arms when dadda comes home, how she can dump out a bag of cereal in 30 seconds flat, when she pushes her food off of her highchair when she's full, the way she loves me, the love she has for our daily walks, the joy she has for pretty yellow flowers, when she takes 2 hour naps, the games we play together, when she shares her toys with me, I love when she puts her toys or food on her head, the moments when she buries her precious little head in my chest, the way I can soothe her, the awe and wonder for the world around her, when she points at pictures of mommy and daddy, when she falls a sleep in her jumper...These are some of the things that bring a smile to my face, thanks to my new daughter.

We love you Johnna B.