Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Awe, toddlers!  They are so full of energy, you don't need to hound them to get off of the couch and put their texting device down, they keep you running around, getting up and down, pulling your hair out and constantly need for a gym membership.  The way we're always cleaning up after them, mopping up spills, sweeping up the cheerio's and putting toys away sure saves money on a house cleaner.  You can say anything to these sweet little toddlers and they just listen, they don't judge, criticize or give you their opinion, sure beats a therapist.  You don't have to spend countless dollars or hours in college to be an instructor of sorts, you're forever teaching these little youngsters the abc's, 123's and life lessons.  When you're in need of affection you can always count on the little ones to be there for you with a great big hug and sloppy wet kiss.  When they pick you that very first flower from the yard and look up at you with those shinning eyes, so full of love.  These are things I must remember when my toddler is whinning and refusing to eat dinner while throwing her spahgetti on the just mopped kitchen floor!  xo 

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