"Baby Girl"
This page is to share milestones and document the beginning of Johnna B's life, so she can look back as an adult...sort of like a baby journal, hey...that's it...this is her baby journal!

Introducing...Johnna (named after Daddy)

(this pic was taken' when she was 1 yr.old)
August 11, 2013  (3 years old)
WhY? WhY? WhY? and again...WhY Mom?  So reminiscence of your brother and sister, oh
 so many years ago. 
 Mommy, "there's my friend" you say as we're walking around town or in a store.  Just because you've never met them and they have no idea who you are doesn't mean you can't consider them your friend.  So adorable! 
You started saying your own prayers before bed too.  You gently lay your soft little hands together in the steeple position and you say, "thank you God for my life and Thank you God for the lights in my house, thank you for my closet, thank you for my socks, I love you, Amen"

Precious wittle JJ, you are so freaken' delicious.  I now understand the term, "I just wanna' eat you up".  You are changing so much and so fast, it seems everyday you do something new or learn something different that just blows mommy and dadda away.  We are always saying to each other, "I can't believe she's only two" or "are all two year olds this smart" heehee!  Whelp, you are officially potty trained.  You even wake us up in the middle of the night for pottie!!  Who does that at your age!!  It's been 5 days since you've had your (bob) that's what you used to call your bottles...good old, bob :)  You want to do EVERYTHING by yourself, no joke.  Even get out of the truck by yourself, it's big long way down but you figured it out, turned around on your roast and scooted down.  Your heart is so big and you are just the light of our life, thank you for picking us to be your mommy and dadda.  Today, daddy took you to the library for a toddlers book cute.  You're there now, bet you're having fun.  Oh and probably don't go 3 minutes without asking, "what's that?"  and it's not just one time, you repeat yourself over and over again even if we've answered you, hahaha!  *true love forever*

My Dearest Johnna B. oh how I simply adore thee.  You truly are a joy to have and we thank our heavens everyday for you.  You are still Daddy's princess and you  have him wrapped around all your little's soo cute to see him be so silly with you, teach you and protect you.  You absolutely LOVE pizza and of course you still love spahgetti, it seems you must like the red zesty red sauce just like mommy.  We're so impressed with you and how well you're potty training is going.  You never have to wear a diaper during the day, ever and you haven't for a whole week.  Even in the car you tell us, "potty" and we go from there.  Oh and it's so funny to watch you "squat" and hike up your little dresses to go pottie outside, you seem to like that...I guess it's fine only because of wear we live.  You hold your own in conversations and you're talking is really good.  You love your little barbie's and/or dollies.  You have a favorite barbie, it's Ken, heehee!  You take him everywhere and you simply call him, "boy" it's freaken' funny honey!!  I have so much to update on you but for now that must be all as mommy has to get back to work.  You are loved deeply...mmm my precious little rump roast.

It's been way too long since I've shared all of the new and exciting thing's in JJ's precious little life.  She's not almost 22 months, and a very smart cookie...speaking of cookies, her favorite are oreo's.  It's funny she eat's them like in the commercials, splits them apart, and only eats the side with the frosting.  She still loves PIZZA, spahgetti and mac n' cheese.  She will eat some fruit especially oranges but that's about it right now.  She's learning to talk and using her words more and more.  She's also learning to use her pottie chair, now that's super adorable.  Oh, when she sees a scary face she says, "Roar!" Especially when her sees her Daddy...kidding ;)  Music and dancing are on the top of her favorite things.  Whenever there's music playing she grabs my hand and we start spinning around and shaken' our rumps...gotta' say she's keeping me in shape.  Her heart is so big, she kisses pictures of me, sissy and daddy.  Whelp, I have a list of new things she's learned but it's home and I'm at the office.  FYI: JJ I promise to start writting more baby girl.  I love you.

The above picture is JJ playing in Cascade lake naked as a bird!

We now pretty much call you...JJ or John John.  You have made us so incredibly happy.  You have a special something about you that fills everyones heart with joy and love.  When I hold you, kiss you or smell your little Van Buren (shall I say big) head :) it gives me a feeling of importance and comfort.  I am so thankfull that Daddy and I decided to bring you into the world.  You're learning so much and it's so cute to watch you play and sleep.  I love you baby.  Mommy.  Forever.


*Having a great day playing outside with Daddy*

She's growing SOO fast, I know that's what all us parents say.  It's just so absolutely true when you're living it.  Boy, she's running all around these days.  She loves to watch Curious George (yes, we let her) we need a break sometimes!  She points at the TV and makes monkey sounds, oohh, oohh, awwee, awwee!  AdOrAblE!
She's in size 5 diapers, crazy, her little booty used to just be this little rump that barely fit in the newborn diapers.  I love to kiss her all over and barely get enough of her.  Oh, she DOES NOT let me hold her like a baby in my arms like I have for her whole entire life...wake up call for mom :(  Her & Daddy are the best of buddies...everything's "dadda, dadda" grabs his hand and off they go.  He's putting her to work out on the Ranch all ready and she loves saying, hi to the horses and mooing at the cows!  She's becoming quite the little comunicator these days, answering our questions the best she can and showing us what she wants.  AND...she still love's spahgetti.

John John...that's what we call you sometimes as well as "poopoo head" and "da baby girl."  You sure are learning so much love to share your food and you get your mouth open so wide and put your little hand out to us with your food in it, so adorable!  You love shoes...seriously, you have this thing for shoes, a few months ago when you started to pick them up I would always run to you and casually' take them out of your hands because I didn't want you to get all dirty and germy...whelp...that's changed!  As you get older I'm quickly learning that there's no stopping you :)  You know the difference between mamma and daddy's shoes and bring them to us often.  You can say many words now, some of them being...Bubba (Rachy's puppy), thank you, mamma, dadda, ba ba, up, ya and I'm sure a few others.  You definately understand a lot more than I'd expect you to at 13 months for instance...If momma say's, it's time for me to take a shower you take my hand and walk me  to the bathroom!  Daddy and I often find ourselves just looking at you and watching you explore the world.  You're pretty amazing to watch.  We are in love with you.

wow, it's been 3 weeks since I've posted...welp, you'll understand why soon!  Her very first birthday EVER was great, really it was very nice to see all the family and she was very excited as well....whoa!  she just walked by me and yes, I said, "walked" but man, she has a present for me, so hold on!  stinky butt!!

I went to take a picture as the party began after charging the battery making sure everything was good to go or so I thought!  "memory full" seriously! we're waiting patiently for friends and family to send some birthday pics over...I've decided to post about the party then, to coincide with the pictures.

You have been so full of energy and life, it's amazing to watch you.  There were a couple of weeks that I thought you might be a bit of a handful..."it's a teething thing", mommy knows, sorry if I was a bit frustrated at times.  I love you so very much! 
You are soooo close to walking on your own.  I would say that you get a bruise, fat lip, scratch and a bump on the head at least once a week.  It's so sad to watch, must be so tired of it.  The look on your face when you fall, is like (oh no, not again!) then down you go. 
You love watermelon and all carbs, bread, pasta, tortilla's, just love it. 
You're a really happy baby, so full of smiles.  You tend to get fussy when you're hungry or tired,  oh and when you're teething~boy, the teething thing is like you're a different baby, heehee!  We won't even go there right now :)  With that being said, you are a pleasure to be around.  Sometimes when you're nap is going really long I even start to miss you, so I go check on you and give you a kiss.  You and daddy are quite the pals.  You follow him everywhere in the house and always want him to pick you up.  The two of you take special walks every evening (that's when mommy gets to sit down for a little rest)  You are an outside baby for sure and you love music.  As soon as you hear any music you start shaking your head and moving you little body like a worm, so adorable!  Below is a pic of you playing piano.  Ok honey, we love you and I'll see you in just a few minutes when you wake up from your nap.   

The family got together at moms (Grandma Mawny's) house for her special spahgetti dinner.  We are going to start doing Sunday Spahgetti at moms once a month.  Here's a pic of Aaron, Johnna & Haley playing piano with Grandma.

All I can say is, "Calgon take me away!"
Seriously JJ, you know how much I love you and I'm always patient with you
the whining you started to do in the past couple of NOT ok.
You've been getting frustrated if a toy doesn't do what you want it to. 
Example's: you try to fit a square toy in a round hole...CRY!
you try to through your toys out of the crub through the bars, they don't fit...CRY!
you want down, no you want up...CRY!
you want to go outside, it's raining...CRY!

We're gonna' nip that in the bud, like now...then you'll realy have a reason to CRY!

I heart u.

"HaPpY 11 MoNtH's ToDaY!"

*favorite foods: cantalope, turkey (thin slices), GREEN BEANS (you love them!!), peanut butter, saltine crackers (no salt added)  You're starting to get picky when it comes to your jar food as in you don't want it.  I understand that, there's too much good food that you can play with while you eat it.
*when you hear music you start moving your head & you shake your little body (adorable)
*you have 8 teeth
*very little hair...just like dadda
*you love our doggies & kitty cat's (when they come up to you, you start to breath heavy and look at me to make sure I see them and then you point at them.  Once they're next to you, you softly pet them.
*everynight me, you & dadda play "cuddle time" on the bed.  We lay there just the 3 of us (no toys) and we roll around, you crawl all over us and you keep trying to crawl off the bed...that's not a good idea honey.
*you want to be outside constantly, you're always pointing and crawling to the door and when I ask you to get your stroller, I take your little hands and you walk me right to it and off we go.

I love you.

Hi Johnna B,

Today you played in the dirt for the first time ever!  You loved it.  You wanted to stand, so we put you down, while holding your had other plans and sat down on the cute little booty of yours.  Now honey, you can't play in it all of the time because it's really dirty and that's why they call it dirt :)  We love to see you explore and learn new things.  You sure did love your bath time afterwards too & you made it super easy for momma to mop the floor with all of that water you splashed out.  You're a silly goose and we love you more than words can describe.


It's time to start planning her first birthday.  Her birthday is next month.  I know all parent's are amazed at how fast they grow but it really is something to awe.  At this age everyday I wake up knowing that she's going to learn something new and she's so eager at this stage.  She's learned to put her little arm straight out and point at anything she finds interesting and you know that sound we make when we're breath in real fast and loud, well, that her new thing!  

I have to talk about hardwood floors...I know they're the new thing and they're very pretty...when newly mopped.  I prefer carpet, for many reasons but I'll share only the ones that have to do with baby.  hardwood floors are just that (hardwood) and that material against a babies little body especially knees hurt! So...she has now decided to only crawl on grass or rugs (smart little cookie) and when she's on the hardwood she scoots on her booty, sideways, hands pushing her funny to watch! 

~Here she is learning about the color green/verde & a leaf~

 up close & personal...look at that edible little button nose :)

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