Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hackers Suck.

I found an adorable web-site called (shabby blogs) and I went as far as to implement a few of their cute designs here on my site.  Whelp, today I was browsing around online while anxiously looking for the newest, cutest and shabbiest gadgets to apply to this blog.  Guess what I learned...the above site was attacked by a malicious virus and is spreading fast.  This is disheartening because that particular blog is so fun, free and full of neat ideas to enhance your blog.  It consists of a few girls who create and design gadgets for anyone to use for free.  S. Blogs is in the process of doing what they can to stop this virus and notify the users of their blog.  It travels fast because if you have any of their gadgets, you can be infected.  Why, why are there so many bad people.  What is the thrill they get from hiding behind their little computers all day and night looking for ways to destroy what people work so hard on.  In this day and age most everything is online.  It's simply sad and I guess in a way I even feel pity for their depressed little souls.  Lastly, I sadly deleted/removed everything I had installed that was in connection with that kind site.

PS: To the Hackers...Get outside and Get a Life.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Son~Our American Soldier...

No Words, No Comment...Just Love and Respect.