I'm a proud single mommy with 3 super cool children*They are my reason for reason*Family is important to me*I'm very close to my bro, sis & mom*I've kept a journal since I was a young girl*I love to write*If you were to have asked me when I was a child what I wanted to be when I grew up you would have heard this~actress, singer, model & dancer*I'm very spiritual*I try my best to do unto other's as I would have them do to me*I believe in being civil even to people not on your best friend list*I love the color green*my favorite number is 7*I love to cuddle*I'm super affectionate*  passionate*outgoing*silly*moody*made many mistakes*learned from a few mistakes*I prefer a clean house*I love to read and do so often*my oldest and youngest child are 20 years apart*I can be really wierd*I often have uncontrollable outburst consisting of "loud" singing & very peculiar dancing*I play my music loud*I enjoy baking*I love being creative & making crafts*I teach my children proper manners*I looove to decorate my home* emotionally strong*strives to be a good person*sensitive*mostly confident*insecure at times*enjoys helping others*I'm 5'4*I love white wine*sushi rocks*
*I am in love with my baby*

This is my beloved (Heart Rock collection)

The newest additions to the Heart~Rock family below...

found at home on 5/22/11


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