Sunday, August 11, 2013


"He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome Home My Marine~

My Son arrived safely in our United States of America after a 6 month tour to Afghanistan. 

I'm a Proud Mom of an American Soldier


"Semper Fi!"

I love YOU Son.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Make Room For Something New!

Even when you feel as though you have little to give, little energy, little money or little time, it's just your brain trying to throw in the towel.  I am here to share with anyone who has an open mind and has the desire to learn and do more and better.  There was a time not so long ago when I felt all of those feelings above, I've actually felt those emotions many times in my life but this time was different!  I was and I am determined to live the rest of my life here on this earth with passion, motivation and kindness to others.  I'm learning that when you give to others, money, clothes, material items that you would typical keep packed in a closet and never touch and you say to yourself, but maybe I'll use or where them no you won't!  Give it to someone who will enjoy it now, someone who truly needs it now.  When I do this a weird thing happens, I happen upon something I've been hoping to find or waiting for enough money to buy, someone ironically gives me this very item and it's at the perfect time that I could use it!  When I donate money to a charity or church or wherever I'm being called to give I do it!  I remember a time, years ago, I was down to only change that I was able to scrape up out of my old purses and while I was frantically looking for enough money to get me through the week I changed the TV channel and was being asked to give simply a dollar and it would feed a child for a day.  I thought to myself, hhmm, I do have food in my fridge, my children have warm clothes, I barely have enough gas but I believed it would all work out in the end.  I went to the PO and I actually mailed $1.50 to the cause.  A few days later I checked the mail and there was a refund check owed to me (I had no idea it was coming) the amount was plenty to get me through to payday.  What I'm trying to relate, in a round about way is...Just have total and complete faith, simply know that you are going to be better than before, believe you will have plenty and I bet you my bottom dollar, YOU WILL. 

If you believe in your Heavenly Father as I do ask what you can do to make this world a better place and put a smile on a strangers face (hey, that ryhmed)   hee,hee!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mommy, I sleep in my dress, ok?

Me dancing!  She sings as she twirls around in her new dress.  The light in my young daughter’s eyes fills me with comfort.  I love making her happy, seeing her precious little mouth curl up towards her sparkling eyes gives me tingles in my heart!  Toddlers have something special about them, a naivety that let’s them enjoy all of the truly little things in life.  I thank heaven for my little child because of her I’m learning how to see life through her eyes and it’s pretty darn cool.  I love you JBird!

PS:  Mamma finally found the camera I've been looking watch out!!  Lot's of cool baby and winter pics to follow!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Children

My life’s purpose is to be a Mom.  It is the one thing that brings me true joy.  My children light up my life and keep a constant smile on my face.  My not so little, Rach L E Bear, now 18 years old has been accepted to a State University and is moving to a different state to pursue her goals.  I’m so proud of her.  She will soon be a life saving Paramedic and will be able to support herself through college.  That’s my girl!

Me Dear Son will be coming home in a little over three long and worrisome months.  He’s currently in Afghanistan, that’s all I have to say about that.  I love you honey.

JJ is growing up so fast, too fast.  She was my little peanut butter just a couple of years ago.  She’d lay so cozy on my chest with her precious baby like smell.  Now, she’s the fastest runner in the world, she loves to run.  We’re best friend’s, she is my reason for reason.  I thank heaven she is in my life at this time in my life.  Having two grown children away from home doesn’t feel so bad with my darling Johnna B.  Thank you for our daughter Dad.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Sleep Tight Drive

The final count of the donated items from The Sleep Tight Drive made me very happy.  It's a neat feeling to know that so many people care and want to give and help.  The pajamas, bears and books are being distributed to the local foster home, families in need and to the sherrifs department for children involved in scary situations.  I would like to thank every single person that took the time and went out of their way to donate to this event.  You are appreciated. 

Pajamas: 89
Books: 78
Stuffed animals: 245

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hackers Suck.

I found an adorable web-site called (shabby blogs) and I went as far as to implement a few of their cute designs here on my site.  Whelp, today I was browsing around online while anxiously looking for the newest, cutest and shabbiest gadgets to apply to this blog.  Guess what I learned...the above site was attacked by a malicious virus and is spreading fast.  This is disheartening because that particular blog is so fun, free and full of neat ideas to enhance your blog.  It consists of a few girls who create and design gadgets for anyone to use for free.  S. Blogs is in the process of doing what they can to stop this virus and notify the users of their blog.  It travels fast because if you have any of their gadgets, you can be infected.  Why, why are there so many bad people.  What is the thrill they get from hiding behind their little computers all day and night looking for ways to destroy what people work so hard on.  In this day and age most everything is online.  It's simply sad and I guess in a way I even feel pity for their depressed little souls.  Lastly, I sadly deleted/removed everything I had installed that was in connection with that kind site.

PS: To the Hackers...Get outside and Get a Life.