Tuesday, May 24, 2011

growing a pile of clothes~

To my neverending pile of laundry,

My how you grow.  It seems you get bigger and bigger everyday.  You must work and play very hard as I'm always scrubbing your stains off of you and washing you clean.  When do you ever get any rest?  I fold you neatly and tuck you away ever so cozy and snug in your drawers and you pop right back up into my basket!  Oh, pile of laundry how I look  forward to our time together, our daily workouts are really keeping me in shape. 

I remember when you were just a cute little thing.  You consisted only of a few pairs of socks, some shorts, shirts and a couple of towels.  You've certainly multiplied over these years into a large heaping stack of clothes. 

I really must thank you, because of you I am reminded how big and active my family is.


  1. You did not make this up??? Haha, that was great Bam!

  2. Well said! I love using things that can sometime seem overwhelming, and then put it all into perspective...like last night, I had a horrific tooth ache...but thats just it, it is a tooth ache...not anything worse. It can be taken care of. Life is all about perspective, and I am now 'choosing' to change mine for the better:) Thanks for visiting my blog too! Your baby is so cute:)

  3. Ha I love this, made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  4. That's hilarious - I do remember those days, LOL!

  5. ha,ha! thanks guys, I just found out that I can respond to your comments :) I'm a newby!!